ART-ful Living

You’ll be surprised at what a little ART can do for your life. Come to our newly renovated showroom, located on the lower floor of our 1300 Portage Avenue location. Here, you and your family can see what your life could be like with the help of our ART division. All aspects of your home can be customized to bring you a better experience, and maybe make life just a bit easier.




ART can tackle your living spaces inside the home, as well as outside. We offer services for everything from your family room, to the bathroom, and even the patio! You’ll be surprised what a little imagination can do when you combine it with the outstanding work of Advanced Residential Technologies.



Our highly trained, experienced staff will work with you to build a custom automated experience in your home or new build. What ART can do for you? Visit the ART website, come in, or contact us for more information. You can also gain a little insight on the experience of working with us by reading the ART case study on the blog.