Case Study: The Singhs

How long have you been a client of Advance Electronics?

Dr. Singh: Actually, this is our first time being a client. I have friends and colleagues who have previously purchased products from Advance Electronics and they spoke very highly of the company. So on those recommendations, we sought out to work with Advance for our dream home.

Why did you come to Advance for this project?

Dr. Singh: One reason being the stellar reputation of Advance Electronics, not only for the products and product quality but also the service that they provide. And that service didn’t end a the point of sale! There’s been great follow up as far as dealing with minor issues after the installation. So the post-product and post-installation service was a factor.


How did Advance help you find the solutions that were right for you? What was this experience like?

Dr. Singh: This experience went a lot better than I thought it would going into it. One of the first things we did was sit down, take an idea of what it was that we were looking for in our home as far as a wish list, and based on those things we worked around what kind of products we would need. We arrived at a price to see where that fit into our budget; if it was something that was agreeable then we’d proceed. A thing that I really appreciated was that it was extremely detailed and extremely thoughtful. There were no hidden costs, no hidden items that were not spoken about. That’s what I appreciated most. I’m a details kind of guy and so that was perfect.

How does the ongoing relationship between you and Advance function? Do you go to them seeking new things? Do they work with you to suggest new products, enhancements, or upgrades?

Dr. Singh: Absolutely. I know we’ve touched on a few things already and it goes back to the idea of the after-sales support. I find it’s very easy to talk to Bruno and even the installers. We’ve developed a really good relationship with the installers; we’re now on a first name basis. They provide me with a lot of thoughtful information, tips, and guidance. Considering the fact that this was really our first ever home audio/video installation, the guidance we received every step of the way was great.


How does Advance deal with client problems, in terms of technical problems or troubleshooting?

Dr. Singh: In one phrase: very prompt. Whenever there’s been an issue—and thankfully, there hasn’t been much—we were able to reach an agreeable schedule as to when the installers would come in. This is not something that would drag on for weeks on end. And we would get a lot of feedback as far as scheduling, what the problem may be, and the potential solutions that may be required. So from that perspective, we’ve had no problems at all.

How has your home life/lifestyle changed as a result of the enhancements made through Advance Electronics?

Mrs. Singh: It has been more entertaining! We have things in this house that we didn’t have, and setting up—especially the theatre room—parts of the features that we didn’t previously own has been a delight.

Dr. Singh: It’s added a lot of convenience and a lot of seamlessness to the things that take place in the house. And the other thing is that it’s actually set us up for some future improvement. That was one of the things we were impressed with with the Control 4 system. At this point we’ve kind of scratched the surface of that system, but there’s so much more we could do and the nice thing is that you don’t have to do it all at once. You can build upon the framework that Advance has set up in the house. That’s really neat.

Are you satisfied with your experience with Advance? Would you recommend Advance to others looking to incorporate a little “Advanced” living into their homes?

Mrs. Singh: We actually have recommended them, haven’t we?

Dr. Singh: Yes, all of my colleagues at work.

Mrs. Singh: They may have already had stuff done! It’s been a great experience. We had already moved in when they did the installation. They were very professional, very appropriate. It was seamless! They did their job, they did it well, and showed us how to use everything. It was really nice.

Dr. Singh: The feedback that we’ve received from those who visit our house has been great. They’ve been amazed by the quality of the equipment, but more-so the quality of the installation, the quality of the way things were done. There’s no exposed wires, they’re out of sight and everything looks very clean. It truly looks like a professional job. It’s not like an amateur such as myself stuck a few wires together and tried to make it look good.


- Control 4 home automation system
- 8 zones of distributed music
- Video distribution
- 2 x dedicated on-wall touch screens with intercom to front door intercom station
- Dedicated theatre room 7.1 with projector and screen
- 2 x 5.1 theatre systems in general living areas (great room & recreation room)
- Sound proofing of theatre room walls
- Custom equipment rack to centralize components
- Custom equipment rack for existing reel to reel and turn table
- Integration of some of client’s existing components