Alpine RUX-H01 Remote Bass Knob for the Alpine Halo

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Make quick bass adjustments with the Remote Bass Knob designed to attach directly to the Alpine Halo display.


Different genres of music or driving conditions call for different levels of bass. The RUX-H01 allows you to make quick adjustments to your bass levels from the driver’s seat. Set your Alpine amplifier at your desired maximum level and use the rotary knob to make bass adjustments on the fly.


Whether you listen to hip hop or classic rock, make quick adjustments to your bass level for an optimized listening experience. Use the RUX-H01 to adjust the bass to compliment the genre of your music by turning it down or up based on the desired level.
  • Remote Bass Knob for the Alpine Halo Display  
  • Fits the iLX-F259, iLX-F309, and iLX-F411 9-inch and 11-inch screen 
  • Compatible with the X-A90M, X-A90V, R-A90S, R-A75M, R-A60M, S-A55V, PDX-V9, KTA-200M 
  • Also compatible with the X-A70F, R-A60F & S-A32F in 3-channel mode for level control on channel 3 or 4 when bridged 

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