BlackVue PMP Power Magic Pack

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Power Magic Battery Pack

  • Unlock you BlackVue’s full potential

Protect your car’s battery
Power your BlackVue


Power your BlackVue

  • and your accessories

Power output: DC12V 1.5A, DC 3.5φ-3 pole type / 5V USB
Nominal capacity: 12V 5,200mAh

Power your BlackVue

+8 Hours of Power for Parking Mode

Power Magic Battery Pack protects your car’s battery until a set voltage cutoff value, then powers your BlackVue for up to 8 hours.
Available voltage cutoff values: 11.8V, 12V, 12.2V, 12.5V

+8 Hours of Power for Parking Mode

2 Installation Modes

  • Cigar Socket / Hardwired

Cigar socket mode: uses the Power Magic Battery Pack only.
Hardwired mode: Car’s battery + Power Magic Battery Pack. 

2 Installation Modes


Model Name

BlackVue Power Magic Battery Pack

Battery capacity

Li-Ion 3.7V 15,600mAh

Power input

DC 12V 3A

Power output

DC12V 1.5A, DC 3.5-3 pole type / 5V USB

Operation temperature  

0-45C charged, -10-60 C discharged

Country of origin

Republic of Korea



Nominal capacity

12V 5,200mAh

Input type

DC 5.5 / DC 2.5

Battery protection

Installed PCM prevents the device from being over-charged and over-discharged

Charging method

Battery power cable / cigar socket cable / optional adapter

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