JL Audio CL441dsp CleanSweep® OEM Audio Interface with Automatic Digital EQ


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Aftermarket sound with a factory head unit? You bet!

With the revolutionary CL441dsp, you can retain your car's interior cosmetics and the full functionality of factory-installed features, while replacing the weak-sounding factory audio system with some serious amplifiers, subwoofers and component speaker systems.

Unlike primitive line-output converters that only reduce the level of factory audio signals, the CleanSweep® CL441dsp employs a powerful DSP (Digital Signal Processor) to automatically analyze the frequency response of a full-range factory audio signal and then applies 30 bands of powerful equalization to each channel. This counteracts any factory equalization and provides a clean, flat signal for your aftermarket amplifiers and speaker systems to sound their best. You can use your factory volume control(s) or the included Master Volume control when listening to the factory source unit.

The CL441dsp also provides a stereo line-level Auxiliary Input so that you can easily add an additional source to your audio system and, with the addition of a CL-SES Source Expander Switch, you can add up to three source units. The CL441dsp employs Automatic Signal Sensing to provide remote turn-on and turn-off functionality to your aftermarket amplifiers.



What does it do?

1) About the size of a paperback book, CleanSweep® accepts virtually any analog audio signal, from low-voltage line-level to high-power, amplified speaker-level, via its four differential-balanced inputs. With totally automatic level compensation, CleanSweep® then converts the two or four connected analog signals to digital audio with 24 bit effective resolution.

2) CleanSweep® applies the power of its state-of-the-art, 32-bit SHARC® DSP processor to automatically equalize each of the four channels with 30 bands of equalization (that's 120 bands total), effectively correcting the response of almost any factory-equalized, full-range signal. These digital-domain corrections will range from subtle to dramatic, depending on the degree of equalization engineered into the factory audio system. To accomplish this complex feat, you simply load the supplied CleanSweep® calibration CD into the factory-installed CD player, set its volume control between 1/2 and 3/4 volume, play the designated calibration track and then press the "Calibrate" button on the top of the CleanSweep® processor. Approximately 20 seconds later, the CleanSweep® is finished analyzing and equalizing the factory-installed source's response and stores the corrections in non-volatile flash memory.

3) CleanSweep® then converts the digitally corrected signals back to analog audio and sends them out to your aftermarket amplifiers through two pairs of low-distortion, 8 volt (RMS) line-level outputs.

4) CleanSweep® includes an intuitive rotary user interface (a knob with stops at both ends) to control the master system volume at the outputs of the processor unit for both the OEM (factory) and auxiliary sources. The master volume eliminates the effects of any equalization that is dependent on the OEM volume control position and allows a high signal-to-noise ratio to be maintained in the system. When pressed, the master volume knob also selects between the OEM and Auxiliary source. A dash-mountable status LED changes color to indicate OEM or AUX input modes. These small controls can be easily mounted within reach of the driver.

5) CleanSweep® can be deployed in signal-sensing mode, powering up and providing a 12-volt turn-on signal for aftermarket equipment whenever signal is detected. It can also be activated by a conventional 12-volt trigger, if the OEM system provides one.

What does it all mean?

1) With CleanSweep® you retain your car's interior cosmetics and the full functionality of factory-installed vehicle functions, including navigation, OnStar®, steering wheel controls, climate controls, etc. You can also use CleanSweep's master volume knob/source selector switch instead of the factory volume control.

2) You gain the freedom to add an aftermarket source of your choice (iPod®, satellite radio tuner, DVD player, etc.) via direct line input, as opposed to inferior sounding, FM-modulator approaches. Since these signals are free of equalization, CleanSweep® will pass them without applying any correction. The master volume control knob, when pressed, selects between the factory source and the additional source unit.

3) You also gain peace of mind, because you are not messing with your car's complex electronics. Since CleanSweep® typically connects to the factory-installed system as if it were a speaker, the possibility of creating faults or diagnostic issues when the vehicle is serviced is virtually eliminated. A CleanSweep® installation is fully reversible because there is no permanent modification of the factory system, and because CleanSweep® is not a vehicle specific interface, it can be easily integrated into your next vehicle.

4) Most importantly, you gain spectacular, aftermarket sound quality!

SHARC® Digital Signal Processor

The SHARC® DSP is a powerful floating-point processor that is particularly well suited for audio applications requiring high dynamic-range. One such application is the JL Audio Cleansweep CL441dsp OEM Integration Processor



  • Height (H) 1.45 in / 37 mm
  • Width (W) 8.24 in / 210 mm
  • Depth (D) 4.36 in / 111 mm
  • Net Weight 2.0 lb / 0.91 kg

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