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JL Audio Introduces FiX 82, the All-in-One Summing, Delay & EQ-Correcting OEM Integration Processor

Miramar, FL — November 4, 2015 — JL Audio, known for producing some of the finest aftermarket audio systems in the mobile, marine, power sports, and home audio markets, has introduced FIXTM 82, an OEM Integration digital signal processor (DSP) that makes it possible to upgrade the factory supplied audio system with better aftermarket amplifiers and speaker systems, while preserving factory vehicle functionality and dashboard cosmetics.
Equipped with a powerful DSP processor, the FIXTM 82 combines an active line output converter, time delay synchronization, a signal-summing interface and EQ correction, all in one compact chassis. Setup is completely automatic with a calibration track and one simple press of a button.
  • Connect up to eight channels of OEM analog audio signals, from low-voltage, line-level to high power, amplified speaker-level outputs (up to 30V RMS).
  • Any time-delayed factory audio signals are automatically synchronized before summing, ensuring a correct, time and phase-coherent summed result.
  • 2-way, 3-way or 4-way factory outputs can be summed into two full-range stereo signals, with automatic level matching.
  • In the final step, dual 1/3 octave equalizers automatically correct the frequency response of the summed factory signals.
  • A powerful DSP engine executes the one-button calibration process in approximately 30 seconds. No special equipment is needed. A calibration CD is included with the product.
  • Analog and Digital Outputs - Two 4-volt line-level RCA jacks plus a digital optical (Toslink) output, supporting PCM audio (S/PDIF) 24bit / 48 kHz.
  • Signal-sensing, DC-Offset Sensing or switched turn-on options with a dedicated turn-on output for equipment.
  • JLID Port delivers added functionality and convenience from the driver's seat. An optional Digital Remote Controller adds functions for Master Volume Control, Handsfree Phone Optimization, and LED Status Reporting.

Manville Smith, V.P. of Marketing for JL Audio says, "FiX 82 is unique in that it's capable of addressing the most complex audio signal interfacing challenges, while also being incredibly simple to use. FiX 82's ability to correct delays in factory signals is a real game-changer with today's complex OEM systems. This feature alone can represent the difference between bad audio and great audio. We think that installers will really appreciate having such a versatile and precise interface."

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