NorStone NORLOFSIDBK Loft Side Module


Color: Black
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The Loft is a piece of furniture dedicated to vinyl records. The side module is associated with the main module (sold separately). It can be placed on the left and/or right of the central module to form a set of 2 or 3 modules depending on the size of your collection. Designed for audio installation, it can also be diverted to receive books, trinkets or other items as you wish.


Structure: Black satin black epoxy lacquered steel

Shelves: Genuine bamboo, walnut or black tempered glass

External dimensions (W x H x D): 405 x 835 x 550 mm

Shelves (W x D): 380 x 540 mm

Shelf thickness :

- Bamboo: 15 mm

- Walnut: 15 mm

- Black tempered glass: 8 mm

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