Pro-Ject Vinyl NRS Box S3

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Most vinyl collectors have old or damaged records that cannot be replaced by a new pressing. There’s also plenty of music not uploaded to streaming platforms and vinyl may be the only option for reproducing the music. Though there’s no doubt that some noise and clicks are part of the vinyl experience, at excessive levels it’s no longer charming and a prized record might just be destined to stay on the shelf the remainder of its life. Pro-Ject saw this as a solvable problem, and now they want to bring those records back to your rotation. The solution has arrived.


The real magic happens in the digital domain where the signal is filtered so as not to interfere with the processing itself. High- frequency artifacts are used as a marker for crackles. The dedicated algorithm can now detect these peaks. You can easily adjust the sensitivity with the potentiometer on the front. The LED gives you instant feedback on the processing. Crackle can be reduced by up to 8dB (a big improvement for the listening experience). If you don’t want to use the de-crackle function, just turn the potentiometer fully left and the algorithm will go into bypass mode.


  • De-crackling function to reduce clicks
  • Noise-reduction for vinyl records
  • Reduces noise of turntable drive
  • Processing based on 24-bit DSP
  • 96kHz sample rate for precise processing
  • Galvanic pure bypass if switched OFF
  • Ideal transfer characteristics and linearity
  • De-crackling with adjustable sensitivity
  • Line-level operation
  • Compact design in standard S3 enclosure
  • Full aluminum housing

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