Purpose AV 4K HDR 18Gbps HDMI Cable with Ethernet


Length: 1M

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Purpose AV HDMI cables sustain high-speed video, audio, and data transfers. This cable meets HDMI 2.0 standards, supports up to 18 Gbps, has a low profile head, and features a flexible bend-friendly cable. With Purpose connect, this cable will leave you wondering why you ever paid more.

Certified for in-wall installations, Purpose AV products meet and exceed stringent nationally-recognized standards.


  • Purpose Connect: HDMI connectors have purposefully designed ridges that make loose connections a thing of the past
  • Gold-Plated Connectors: High quality signal transfer and corrosion resistant
  • HDMI 2.0Meets all HDMI standards
  • 4K: Supports 4K resolution for crystal clear video
  • HDR: HDR compatible allows you to see colour contrasts with ease
  • 18 Gbps: True 4K speed with no compression required 
  • 4:4:4: No colour shortcuts here
  • Low Profile Head: Slim connector head that allows for tighter installs
  • Flexible Cable: Even in the most compact spaces, 26AWG flexible cable will move to fit any space
  • Pure Copper Conductors: Superior metal construction for optimum quality
  • Ethernet Channel: Simplify the network with a cable that passes network data
  • FT4 Certified: Go ahead and install it in-wall

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