SiriusXM Outdoor Home Antenna Kit


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The outdoor home antenna kit ensures that you get the best possible signal for your satellite radio. The outdoor home antenna is a low-profile, high-performance antenna specially designed to help improve signal reception.

  • Place the antenna outside for optimal signal reception and to improve satellite radio enjoyment
  • Radio can be placed anywhere in the house and up to 150’ feet away from the antenna, allowing you great flexibility as to where you locate the outdoor antenna and where you locate your satellite radio
  • The integrated universal mounting arm and bracket can be installed to an exterior wall, chimney, roof, mast, or pole
  • The antenna has a threaded F-type coaxial connector designed for use with a standard RG-6 coax cable (not included). The included F-type to SMB cable adaptor plugs into your satellite radio.
  • Standard RG-6 cables are required and may be purchased at your local electronics or hardware store. Please consult the user manual or a professional installer for more specific information.
  • For use with a single satellite radio
  • Works on both the Sirius and XM networks

Kit Includes:

  • Outdoor Home Antenna
  • Antenna Mounting Hardware
  • Works on both the Sirius and XM networks

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