THINKWARE™ F790D 2-Channel Dash Cam Bundle With Wifi, GPS And 32GB

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Say hello to a clutter-free dashboard with Thinkware’s F790.

Thanks to the all-new Plugin mount and its innovative design, cables have been neatly integrated into the dash cam mount itself to simplify installation and keep the dashboard looking tidy. Thinkware’s proprietary Super Night Vision 3.0 technology, coupled with HDR, enhances the F790’s Full HD night recording capabilities so you don’t miss important details when driving in dark conditions.

The F790 also comes equipped with Dewarping Video technology to ensure that all front footage is recorded with minimal distortion, delivering a close-to-real view of the world. Boasting advanced video recording technology in an impeccable and sleek design, the F790 is the ultimate dash cam for your next road journey.

Dewarping Video Technology

The F790’s front camera utilizes Dewarping Technology to minimize image distortions typically caused by a wide angle lens, and delivers a close-to-real image of the world.

Multiplexer Compatibility

Convert the F790 into a 5-Channel dash cam for all-around, comprehensive surveillance. Up to 4 additional separate Full HD cameras (internal cabin IR, external left side, external right side, and rear camera) can be added to the F790 when paired with the Multiplexer TWA-MB100 accessory.

During recording, the front camera footage is saved independently of the other cameras, and footage from any additional cameras is merged together into a separate video file.

HEVC Formart

HEVC (high efficiency video coding) format can compress high resolution video files 1.7 times more efficiently than the Advanced Video Coding (AVC) format, minimizing video file size while still retaining the original video quality

Saftey Camera Alert

GPS Driving Data

Using the GPS data in Dashcam, it can precisely pinpoint the vehicle’s location and routes with its driving speed on the map.

The GPS helps you accurately assess the status of the accident by providing you with the vehicle speed, the direction of the collision and the severity of impact.

The DASH CAM not only records driving footage but can also be used to track and recall past driving routes whether it be work or holiday routes.

Dual-Band WI-FI & Built-in GPS

Enjoy the best connectivity in any environment with the F790’s dual-band Wi-Fi.

Your iOS or Android smartphone can be connected to either the 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz bandwidth for faster file transfers.

The built-in GPS makes it possible for you to embed data like location, time and speed in recorded videos, while also enabling the F790 to warn you of upcoming red light and speed cameras.

Innovative Design with THINKWARE Dash Cam Plugin Mount

The trailblazing design of the Thinkware Dash Cam Plugin mount makes mounting the F790 safe and easy, and keeps the dashboard looking tidy since both the power cable and

GPS module are neatly integrated into the mount itself. Separating the power cable and GPS from the dash cam also reduces the risk of overheating.

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