Samsung QLED TV - The Next Innovation in TV

The Next Innovation in TV is here. Introducing Samsung QLED TV available now at Advance. “2017 will mark a major paradigm shift in the visual display industry, ushering in the era of QLED,” said Pat Bugos, Vice President, Consumer Electronics, Samsung Canada. “QLED TV will provide industry leading true-to-life picture, stunning design that can redefine any room and intuitive innovation to help Canadians get closer to the on-screen content they are passionate about.”

Experience extreme detail in colours and contrast, regardless of the viewing angle or darkness level in your home with Q Picture. Q 4K Colour Drive Elite allows the viewer to see every detail as it was intended with 100% colour volume. Q 4K HDR Elite achieves brilliant whites and deep blacks so you won’t miss a detail in your favorite program, movie, or the big game.

Q Elite Black provides a true black. This feature minimizes glare from external light sources while allowing you to see the details in the darkest scenes, regardless of the light in your room. Wall-to-wall picture-perfect viewing ensures every seat in the house is a great seat with Q EveryView.

Samsung QLED TVs optimize their stunning design to create a seamless entertainment space in your home. The new virtually No Gap Wall-mount positions your TV flush against the wall for a clean, sleek appearance. Enjoy fast speeds and a streamlined space with Invisible Connection – a nearly undetectable fiber optic cable.

Experience QLED in our Samsung Studio at 1300 Portage Ave. Our experienced team of TV & Video staff is ready to show you the next innovation in TV today!