ART for Your Home - 3



Located here in Winnipeg, this home was fully finished in spring 2015. Like many other great houses ART has worked on, the collaboration with the owner started in the construction stage. It has every standard automation system installed, including HVAC, video and audio distribution, security, lighting and motorized shades, all controlled by panels on the walls throughout the house and remotely accessible.








This house, however, has a few unique features that required custom work from ART. In one of the bathrooms, a TV is integrated into the mirror, which is in itself nothing extraordinary, but the water faucet also comes out of this functioning touch screen mirror, making this a very specific challenge not commonly found in automated homes.





A water fall runs from the top of the house all the way down to the basement. ART collaborated with the company that built this amazing feature to incorporate it into the home automation system, allowing the owner to control the waterfall like everything else in this house.






The wine room in the basement is temperature and humidity controlled, music automatically begins to play once the door is opened. A brook runs in the floor through the wine room.





Another unique feature of this house is that it can also be controlled by voice. The owner can automate the house by simply speaking out commands. This voice control system is not yet available for purchase in Canada, but ART was in charge of installing the system and making sure it was properly integrated. ART will also be working on the automation of the house’s backyard in the coming summer, making this house a true showcase project of intelligent living.






Photography: Pauline Boldt