Thank You for Coming!






We had such a great turnout! The buzz started right from the opening of the event on Friday noon October 21st and only got louder and more exciting on Saturday. There was so much energy in our shop and we were thrilled by the amount of interest people expressed in the best audio experiences the current market has to offer. We SINCERELY THANK everyone who has attended whether by RSVP to our event post on Facebook or just popped by.







We have spotted both die-hard audiophiles as well as newbies to the world of high-end audio gadgets. It was rewarding for us to see how much joy music can bring to people through the best electronic technologies.







We hosted this event so that the headphones, amplifiers and music players from the leading brands in the audio industry can be accessed and experienced all at once.





We must give a massive shout out to our suppliers; thank you for making this wonderful event possible!


      Frédéric Pinsonneault from AudioQuest

      Stuart Pringle and Michel Plante from Plurison for Astell & Kern and STAX

      Bernard Poulin from MOON by Simaudio

      Archie Armas, Bob Massey, and Lily Luo for HiFiMan

      Sara Tremblay for FiiO and Grado

      Trevor Kushnier and Chris Shaw from Focal

      JT Austin and Cheeraz Fouad from Sony


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Photography: Pauline Boldt