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He is happiest, be he king or peasant, who finds peace in his home.”  – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


The importance of a place that provides you with warmth, comfort and security can hardly be over exaggerated. While a home is certainly much more than four walls and a ceiling, a well-designed and properly functioning space is the foundation upon which we may create memories that complete our idea of home. With the help from an intelligent home automation system, we can make the physical house do more for an easier, safer and more enjoyable way of domestic life.





This featured private home was completed in August this year. ART was involved from the very beginning of the design of the house and worked with the electrician during construction to install a full home automation system. The result is that this new home is not only modern in its architectural style but also functions with intelligence.






The integrated automation system includes audio distribution, security, lighting, motorized shades, and HVAC (heating, ventilation and Air Conditioning) throughout the house, all can be remotely controlled via cellphone and tablet.








Although an elaborate set-up of equipment is at service in this house 24/7, the clean and simple appearance of the rooms show no sign of this complex system in operation. All equipment are hidden away in the basement, showing almost no trace of their existence in the living space.






Neatly tucked away from the living area upstairs, the basement houses all the black boxes that support the smooth running of the home automation system. 




The key to a fully functioning automation system lies in its proper installation. Only with expert knowledge and technique could all the products be integrated properly and work together. The plan to build this house began in 2014, ART was in communication with the client well before the construction started. The early involvement allowed ART to put all the wiring in place while the house was being built. ART was in and out of the house for two weeks after the client moved in, making small adjustments to ensure everything was working as intended.




Equipped with highly integrated leading brands of electronics, this house is a statement of what great architectural design and advanced technologies may offer to human dwelling.


Photography: Pauline Boldt

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