ART for Your Home - 2



Located just west of Winnipeg, the house was completed in 2015, and ART’s involvement began with its construction. Although homes come in all shapes and sizes, with the magical touch of modern technology, they could all function with intelligence and provide great convenience and comfort for their owners.





The full automation system operating in this house includes security cameras, video distribution to 8 TVs, audio distribution to the speakers in the ceiling, motorized shades, HVAC, all controlled by the touch panels through out the house, and remotely accessible to the owner no matter where they are in the world.






This house also includes a home theatre system with 2 screens, surround sound and motorized seats in the basement. ART has collaborated with a Toronto based company to make the home theatre double as a golf simulator, allowing the owner to enjoy the game during the long winter months.







Hidden from the living space, the masterful work lies in the basement where ART made sure everything functions properly and according to the owner’s preference.





No matter the size or style of your house, home automation can adapt to different needs and setups. It will bring fresh excitement to the domestic living experience and show you the possibilities you have never imagined.




Photography: Pauline Boldt

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